Welcome to the Fight4LifeMC store! Here you can purchase server items, commands, or make simple donations. All payments and donations will be used to support Fight4LifeMC’s development.

You can make donations to these cryptocurrency addresses but you will not recieve any items (obviously):


Bitcoin: 1GJrjHTttWd2SoLMGnagBmLBMNRGD3FeZ4

Ethereum: 0x635ad974c539A014FE9E12424bBcc20123a2443C

Litecoin: LVZTKQV4nvjAJo6cb874M8fJzRMq1nR4RM

Dogecoin: DBY4Hnqss1Eq86SHX141aiTPZg9BnkoZz2


Everyone who purchases the VIP status will get a [VIP] prefix that will be visible to all players in all realms.

Recent Purchases

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