Staff Applications

There are currently no available staff positions!

New positions will open as the server grows in popularity. Do not submit any applications as they will be ignored.


Click here to go to the application form


Please answer the questions with honesty. Remember that even very small details can influence our decision on whether or not we accept your application.

If you are rejected, do not write another application for at least 60 days.


Here are some tips for writing a good application:


• Proper grammar – If you are not fluent in English, you should still try your best to spell and use punctuation correctly.

• Be you – Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. We want to see who you really are because interacting with players is a very important part of being a staff member on a Minecraft server.

• Make your application unique – Try to stand out from the others. Don’t be an “I wAnT oP PlzZzZz” type of person.

• Writing more does not equal a better application – Writing more details can improve your application, but it all has to be significant. Trying to make long sentences that can be condensed to a few words will only make your application worse and more likely to be rejected.