Fight4Life Update 6 (!)

December 29, 2018 macsorj 0

Hello and happy holidays everyone! The rollout of Fight4Life Update 6 has finally been completed after approximately 7 months! This is by far the most […]

Fight4Life Update 5

March 30, 2018 macsorj 2

Fight4Life Update 5 is here! Anarchy game mode added! New portals in spawn for future content updates The survival portal now leads to a hub […]

Fight4Life Update 4

January 13, 2018 macsorj 2

Fight4Life Update 4 Has Arrived! Changes made: Fight4Life now uses the 1.8 protocol meaning you can log in using any client version from 1.8 to […]

Fight4life Update 3

December 27, 2017 macsorj 1

After nearly a month of development, Fight4Life Update 3 has finally been completed! Changes made: Skyblock has been moved from Survival to its own realm […]

Fight4Life’s 5th Year

December 26, 2017 macsorj 0

  Today marks the 5th year since Fight4Life launched to the public! It has been a long, incredibly fun journey, and there will be many […]