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Fight4Life Update 6

Hello and happy holidays everyone!

The rollout of Fight4Life Update 6 has finally been completed after approximately 7 months! This is by far the most transformative update in Fight4Life history. The following are just the major changes that were made (there are too many to list!) :

General Changes to Existing Features/Content:

  • Spigot updated to 1.13.2
  • Server no longer uses old 1.8 protocol
  • Central hub removed as it is no longer needed
  • Server no longer uses Bungeecord
  • Shop has been replaced with a new, much larger shop. Prices have also been adjusted
  • Ranks now have new names and kits
  • Number of homes for each rank has been adjusted
  • Ranks are now acquired by playtime hours and not by purchase with in-game currency
  • Website has been redesigned due to performance issues on certain web browsers
  • The old combat system has been replaced

Content/Features Removed:

  • Anarchy game mode due to low player count
  • Skyblock game mode due to high server resource usage
  • Factions game mode due to high server resource usage
  • A few unnecessary plugins

Content/Features Added:

  •  New token currency for purchasing commands and other intangible items.
  •  Live dynamic map of the entire server that can be viewed at
  •  An elections channel on the Discord server where players can vote on issues such as features /content from suggestions, as well as issues involving rules, administration, or the punishment of

Known Issues:

  • Some commands do not work correctly or at all in the command block
  • /r or /reply does not work, forcing players to type /m [player] or a similar command each time they wish to reply to a message
  •  Performance may be slower at times due to a high number of plugins. Some content/features may be removed in future Fight4Life updates.

The next Fight4Life update will begin rolling out after the release of Minecraft 1.14, which will likely be an even bigger update than 1.13, so expect a lot of new content throughout 2019