Author: macsorj

Fight4Life Update 5

Fight4Life Update 5 is here! Anarchy game mode added! New portals in spawn for future content updates The survival portal now leads to a hub of survival related game modes, including Anarchy Combat mechanics updated Updated server icon in multiplayer menu Casino removed from survival as it caused players to become too wealthy: Pictures:

Fight4Life Update 4

Fight4Life Update 4 Has Arrived! Changes made: Fight4Life now uses the 1.8 protocol meaning you can log in using any client version from 1.8 to 1.12.2! Combat mechanics in the Factions realm have been modified to make shields/blocking more useful Shields can now be decorated in factions! You can now dual wield items in factions! …

Fight4life Update 3

After nearly a month of development, Fight4Life Update 3 has finally been completed! Changes made: Skyblock has been moved from Survival to its own realm A new spawn now serves as a hub to connect to all of the realms. The old spawn is now the spawn for the survival realm The old Minecraft combat …

Fight4Life’s 5th Year

  Today marks the 5th year since Fight4Life launched to the public! It has been a long, incredibly fun journey, and there will be many more great times to come in the future! The server and the community has had a huge impact on my life. It’s impossible to see how much different everything would …